Yogamatrix Community Outreach Program

“Creating Healthier Spaces” w. Silvana Berti. Join us to learn about Environmental Medicine, techniques of Geobiology and how our surroundings affect our health. Benefits include creating an improved home environment and office quality as well as enhanced health and well-being. Sat Aug 1, 1:30pm FREE!

What are the challenges you face that you would like to discuss?

Yogamatrix is reaching out to assist our community through FREE workshops and discussions to share information and find solutions or direction for your current challenges and fears.

Some of the workshop topics are:
Health – Financial distress – Loss of job – Impending loss of home (foreclosure) – Relationship challenges

Our aim is to have our first meeting during the month of February. We intend to have an expert in each field to guide the conversation. Please let us know what topic you are interested in discussing by January 29th.

“Knowledge is power.” Each of us has some knowledge we can share with one another to broaden our power of action.

If you are an expert in any of these areas and are willing to guide the conversation please share your availability with us.


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Not sure if yoga is right for you?

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